Innovative Ways to Acquire & Engage Customers

Creating Data Solutions that Perform

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Residential and Commercial subscriber acquisition and upsell solutions specifically designed for the cable marketer


Innovative solutions and firmographics to target demanding business decision makers in highly competitive commercial markets


Gain accurate insight into consumers in your market and target your very best prospects using household-level demographics and trigger data

New Movers

Relocating consumers are forced to make decisions regarding video, telephone, and internet providers. Target these ready-to-subscribe consumers and watch your acquisition numbers soar.

Home Security / Crime Data

Consumers who live near recent criminal activity are ready to buy your services to keep their families safe and secure.

Subscriber Acquisition

Explore many customized products that DataPartners has created for the cable industry.

Commercial Prospect Universe

Identify every business prospect within your market or serviceable footprint and target by accurate firmographic information.

New Businesses

Target newly opened businesses before they start making buying decisions.

Email Licensing

Deliverable email addresses of business owners and employees either appended to your in-house file or as a standalone database.

Customer Insight

Append hundreds of demographics to your existing database and drill down to those who will be most responsive to your offers.

MoveEvent Triggers

Target consumers on-the-move and reach them during the precise buying window associated with every stage of the move cycle.

Data Hygiene

The first step in increasing response is ensuring you’re connecting with your customers and prospects. Clean data is a marketing “must have.”

Data is Just the Beginning

Everyone wants data. We’ve got lots of it. But data isn’t a marketing solution. It’s a tool. Like any tool, data is useless without the expert who knows how to use it to its full potential.

Marketing Intelligence is the Result

Our expert team and in-house processing capabilities transform data into what our clients really need: increased response, more effective customer engagement, and insight to make better marketing decisions.

A Study in PreMovers

Download our latest white paper to learn the secrets for leveraging PreMover Data as part of your acquisition and retention programs

Marketing Data

Use the power of consumer and business data to send more personalized and engaging offers to your customers and prospects.

Data Enhancement

Transform your in-house customer and prospect file into a powerful marketing database by adding up-to-date contact information, hundreds of demographics, and market-specific identifiers.

Custom Solutions

Your marketing challenges are as unique as your business. Solving those challenges requires an expertly crafted combination of timing, targeting, measuring, and refining that’s customized to your market.