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Residential and Commercial subscriber acquisition and upsell solutions specifically designed for the cable marketer


Transform your Point-of-Sale data into a custom omni-channel marketing database with hundreds of demographics and life-event triggers


Compete more effectively for new energy accounts across your markets with insightful consumer and business information

New Movers

Relocating consumers need video, telephone, and internet services. Target these ready-to-subscribe consumers and watch your acquisition numbers soar.

Home Security / Crime Data

Consumers who live near recent criminal activity are ready to buy your security services to keep their families safe and secure.

Subscriber Acquisition

Explore many customized products that DataPartners has created for the cable industry.


Acquire & Retain More Subscribers

Click below for a free consultation with one of our cable MSO experts to discover proven methods to get more new subscribers and upsell bundled or advanced services in your footprint.


Point-of-Sale Enhancements

Instantly turn point-of-sale telephone numbers or email addresses into information-rich data profiles on all your customers.


Reveal your customers’ true experience in traveling to your store locations and create more accurate trade areas with rooftop geocoding and drivetime analytics.

Email Marketing

Convert more sales and increase total customer spend with our easy email marketing solutions.


Innovative Ways to Maximize Retail Sales

Upsell your customers with targeted offers through demographically enhanced POS data. And, identify ready-to-buy lookalike prospects to grow your customer base. Click below for a free consultation with a retail data expert.


Customized Marketing Database

Target and convert more energy accounts with a comprehensive, high-performing marketing database that’s customized to your needs.

Email Marketing

Open new channels to your customers and prospects with easy, turnkey energy email campaigns.

New Movers

Target new residents in deregulated areas to get the ultimate upper hand in acquiring new energy customers.


Win More Customers in Competitive Energy Markets

In competitive energy markets, it’s critical to identify the best possible prospects and reach them through every available channel. Click below for your free consultation with an energy data expert and start winning the fight.






How We Work

Rather than giving you off the shelf data, we design our process around your needs and goals, for much better results!




We uncover your unique marketing data challenges




We outline a customized, strategic plan for your campaign




We provide actionable and insightful data




We evaluate results and optimize our processes to increase performance



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Data is great, but it’s what you can do with it that really matters!

Research proves that relocation is the single most significant life-event that impacts consumer buying behavior. Having advance warning of a consumer’s move gives marketers a tremendous advantage, because nearly half of move-related purchases are made before the move.

Download our latest white paper to learn the secrets of leveraging PreMover Data as part of your acquisition and retention programs.