With all the new advances in marketing: digital onboarding, social media ads, etc., it might be tempting to shift focus away from more traditional marketing channels. While we’re always excited about the next new thing at DataPartners, we continue encourage our clients to focus on what works. And, email marketing is still getting the job done.

Sure, marketing on social media has unique advantages; around 68% of US adults have a Facebook account. But, compare that to the over 90% of internet users who have an email address, with 65% of those users reporting that they check email more than once a day. And, since email is now easily accessible on mobile platforms, most email offers hit the intended target in real-time.

Email also offers inherent advantages in evaluating campaign success.  Sends, opens, click-throughs, and response are easily trackable and quantifiable. These factors reveal the primary advantage of email marketing. It comes down to three letters – ROI.  Email marketing continues to be the most cost-effective marketing channel across multiple industries. Hands down.

So, keep email marketing in 2019.  Your bottom-line will thank you.