A Different Kind of Client Requires a Different Kind of Data

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Who We Are

DataPartners provides direct marketing data solutions to Fortune 1000 companies in multiple industries across the U.S. with a special focus on cable marketing. Since we were founded in 2002, DataPartners has amassed a proven track-record of success, enhancing the acquisition and retention efforts of some of the most recognizable brands in America.

Our Vision

DataPartners was founded on the idea that the data needs of mid-market and enterprise-level marketers went beyond what a “list company” could provide. Effectively serving the complex needs of our clients required a thorough understanding of their industry, their goals, and the unique challenges presented by their data before a solution was offered.

We realized that what served our clients best was a partnership that put the marketer’s needs at the forefront. That’s why we took DataPartners for our name.

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