Accurate Insight Into Your
Customers and Prospects

Improve customer engagement and acquisition through targeted consumer
demographics and life-cycle triggers

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Cable_NewMoversConsumer Prospect Database

Grow your customer base by targeting offers to our database of over 250 million U.S. consumers. Our consumer data is compiled at the individual and household level, ensuring you get the most accurate and up-to-date demographic information available.

Geographic IntelligenceDistance_to_Plant

Get a full-spectrum view of your market by identifying consumer prospects using multi-dimensional geocodes. Calculate serviceable distance areas, drive-time, identify gaps in your footprint, or define unique market spaces for each branch of your business.

tabletDigital Onboarding

Increase consumer response with highly targeted social media marketing. Reach your target audience with customized messaging via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other popular social media sites. Our easy Digital Onboarding process makes modern multi-channel marketing a snap!

Analytics and Insight0101

Gain accurate insight into your prospects before you launch your campaign. Our multi-sourced consumer data allows you to precisely segment your prospect universe into targeted, responsive groups. Or, use our advanced back-end analytics to identify areas to improve and refine your next campaign.

Deliverability_CleansingData Hygiene

Maximize the reach of your offers and stop wasting your marketing budget. DataPartners’ multi-layered, data hygiene process identifies and fixes duplicate records, non-deliverable addresses, and flawed addresses within your customer and prospect files, leaving you with a pristine marketing database that produces more results. Cleansing your file is the easiest and most essential step toward improving your marketing results.  Every bad address removed is budget saved, and every corrected address is like a brand new prospect.

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