Transforming Cable Data Into Subscribers

Customized Solutions Designed Specifically for Cable Marketers

Deliverability_CleansingDeliverability Analysis and Cleansing

Stop wasting precious budget dollars mailing to non-deliverable addresses or mailing multiple pieces to the same address. DataPartners has an exclusive multi-layered cleansing process that enables direct marketers to accurately identify duplicate records, non-deliverable and flawed addresses within their data. But, identifying errors is just the start.  Our cleansing process actually corrects address errors, effectively giving you new prospects to target and making a permanent enhancement to your homes passed file.

Name and Telephone AppendName_Phone_Append

The most critical aspects of any successful campaign are accuracy and completeness of your information. DataPartners’ multi-sourced methodology provides the most complete name and telephone number coverage available in the data industry.  And, our proprietary cable-centric matching logic ensures that your message hits the right prospect every time.

Fill-InHomes Passed Fill-in

Think your homes passed file is a complete marketing database?  Think again.  Up to 20% of the homes in your serviceable area aren’t even on your marketing radar.  Our Homes Passed Fill-in service identifies addresses within your serviceable area that are missing from your homes passed file.  It’s like finding a group of fresh prospects who are just waiting to hear your offers.

Competitive ServiceabilityCompetitive_Serviceability

Ever wonder which addresses are serviceable by FiOS, Prism, DSL or Overbuilders?  Stop guessing and start competing!  Competitive Serviceability adds flags to your homes-passed file indicating the full range of provider serviceability at any address, adding a permanent competitive advantage to your in-house file.


This group of video enthusiasts demands the broadest broadband to satisfy their Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Amazon Prime cravings. Target non-sub streamers to increase your high-speed internet acquisition numbers, or tempt your current high-speed streamer subs with a top-tier upsell offer they can’t refuse!

Top-Tier Internet HouseholdsTop-Tier_Internet

Everyone loves high-speed internet, but for these prospects fast is never fast enough!  Get your top-tier internet offers to households who ride on the leading edge of technology and watch your high-speed internet acquisition numbers accelerate.

Dish_DefectorsDish Defectors

Slice into dish penetration in your market by identifying satellite subscribers at the household level.  And, you can segment by additional household-level demographics like income, age, and presence of children to further customize your acquisition and win-back offers.


College students are among the most tech savvy prospects in your footprint.  Target your next high-speed data or bundled campaign to the group most likely to convert – and make lifetime subscribers out of them!  Target college students as soon as they arrive back at school, between semesters or even before they leave for school.

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