Transforming Cable Data Into Subscribers

Customized Solutions Designed Specifically for Cable Marketers

New_BusinessesNew Businesses

Approximately 120,000 new businesses in the U.S. open each month with an immediate need for video, telephone, and high-speed internet services. Reach out as soon as 24-72 hours of licensure to get the earliest possible jump on the competition, or time your offer to arrive just before the grand opening.

Commercial Fill-InFill-In

Ensure that your commercial marketing database is comprehensive and up-to-date. Our multi-sourced process identifies commercial prospects within your footprint that are missing from your homes passed file. Realize a lift of up to 15% of ready-to-subscribe commercial prospects that aren’t present on your current commercial universe.

Distance_to_PlantDistance from Plant/Virtual Walk-Out

Efficiently target businesses who fall within your marketable distance-to-plant “sweet spot,” calculate break-even points and ROI, and even plan future build-out – all without leaving the office.  Our process geographically locates every commercial prospect within your serviceable footprint and calculates the proximity to the closest address where your cable plant already exists.  And you can further target your prospects by appending accurate business firmographics such as employee size, sales volume, building square footage, number of commercial units and more.

SOHO IdentificationSOHO_ID

Small office/home office businesses aren’t the same as traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.  Why would you send them the same marketing messages?  Tap into these smaller commercial opportunities with highly segmented specialized offers.  Or, identify and exclude SOHOs from your enterprise campaigns to save marketing dollars.

Prospect_DatabaseCommercial Prospect Database

Keep your commercial prospect database up-to-date and make the most of your commercial marketing budget. Commercial prospects are a fast-moving target for the cable marketer.  Many businesses are here today, gone tomorrow, and marketing to out of business locations leads to wasted marketing dollars and frustrated salespeople.  Stay ahead of the game with monthly or quarterly updates to give you full-spectrum insight into your entire commercial prospect universe.

Database EnhancementDB_ENHANCEMENT

Improve your targeting, enable more effective segmentation, and accurately measure success by enhancing your commercial database.  Fill-in missing contact information to expand your reach and append geographic and firmographic data to gain real insight into your subscribers and prospects. Append owner names, telephone numbers, business classification codes (SIC), latitude and longitude, sales volume, employee size, and other targeted segments to your data.

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