A Different Kind of Client Requires a Different Kind of Data

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A Different Approach

Marketing data is more than just names and addresses, zeros and ones. It’s the key to your company’s success. Every name and address is a potential customer. Every point of intelligence you can extract gets you one step closer to a successful campaign. Every bit of data improvement is a way to increase response and close more sales.

Most data providers offer “solutions” that are more about them than you. It’s a wonder how the best solution to your data issues just happens to be the same off-the-shelf product they sell to everyone else.

Not at DataPartners. For nearly 20 years, we have been creating customized data solutions that turn ordinary data into real marketing intelligence. Through that experience we have learned that every client is different. Their needs are different. And, so is their data.

A Different Kind of Team

But, it’s not just about data. We take the “Partner” portion of our name to heart. That means taking a client-centric approach to marketing data that requires thorough knowledge of your market, your goals, and your unique challenges before offering a solution.

Unique challenges require unique individuals to solve them. Working with DataPartners allows you to tap into a team of professionals having years of industry experience transforming data into customers. With our seasoned staff on your side, you can be confident that your campaigns will produce greater response and increased sales. We’ve got the data. You do the rest.

The Difference to You

What’s the difference working with DataPartners? One of our clients put it best: “It feels like you’re the data division of our marketing department.”

That’s partnership. That’s the difference.

You’ve tried data providers. Now, try a data partner. DataPartners.

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